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Aambe Insurance

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Aambe Insurance

With a strong inter-Tribal association of federally recognized sovereign Indian Tribes, Sovereign Nations Insurance (SNI) is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional health care and benefit solutions to its members throughout the United States. To facilitate the distribution of SNI products, the company has partnered with Aambe Insurance as its managing general agency (MGA).
Aambe Insurance works with national brokers such as AON, Willis, HUB International, and USI to sell SNI products. These national brokers have established networks and expertise in the insurance industry, allowing them to effectively market and distribute SNI products to a wide range of clients and offer comprehensive coverage options.

By leveraging the experience and reach of these national brokers, SNI and Aambe Insurance can effectively expand their reach and ensure that their health care and benefit solutions are accessible to a larger audience. This strategic partnership allows SNI to provide its members with high-quality insurance products that meet their specific needs and enhance their overall well-being.

Aambe Reinsurance

With Aambe Reinsurance's offerings, Tribal nations can mitigate the cost of risk by leveraging the various services provided by Aambe. 
Firstly, Aambe Health Care clinics can provide comprehensive healthcare services to Tribal nations. By having access to quality healthcare, tribes can prevent and manage health issues more effectively, reducing the likelihood of costly claims for health insurance providers.

Additionally, Aambe PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management) can help tribes optimize their pharmaceutical costs. Through strategic partnerships with pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Aambe can negotiate better prices for prescription medications, ensuring that tribes receive the best value for their healthcare expenditure.

Furthermore, Aambe provides health education resources that can empower Tribal nations to make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being. By promoting health literacy and preventative measures, Aambe helps reduce the frequency and severity of health issues, resulting in lower claims and costs for insurers.

With these services, Aambe Reinsurance enables Tribal nations to effectively manage their risk, ensuring that casinos and other self-insured entities are not overcharged by competitors. By partnering with Aambe, insurers can offer affordable rates to their clients and maintain financial stability.

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Prescription Medication

Native First Health powered by Aambe Health

Aambe Corporation, doing business as Native First Health, is a Native American Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that aims to assist tribes in reducing the costs of prescriptions through the utilization of 340B options. The 340B program allows eligible organizations, such as Native American tribes, to purchase prescription drugs at discounted prices.

In addition to helping tribes with prescription costs, Native First Health also has the ability to leverage Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) participation goals. Many companies have diversity goals within their organizations and seek partnerships with minority-owned businesses. Native First Health can fulfill these diversity goals and collaborate with companies to achieve their objectives.

By offering both 340B options to lower prescription costs and partnering with companies that have diversity goals, Native First Health aims to provide a comprehensive solution that benefits both Native American tribes and other organizations looking to support minority-owned businesses.

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