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Aambe Building Trades

The Aambe Corporation can connect Native American tribes with skilled labor and resources for their construction and infrastructure projects. We have established relationships with various contractors, suppliers, and training institutions, which allows us to provide access to materials, equipment, and training tailored to their specific needs.

Architect on Building Site
Business Meeting

In addition, the Aambe Corporation can also offer construction financing services to assist tribes in obtaining the necessary funds for their projects. We understand the unique challenges and barriers faced by Native American tribes when it comes to accessing financing, and we strive to provide flexible and inclusive solutions to meet their needs.

Furthermore, as a general contracting company, the Aambe Corporation can oversee and manage the entire construction process, ensuring timely completion and quality results. Our experienced team of professionals will work closely with the tribes to understand their vision and goals, and will coordinate all aspects of the project, from planning and design to procurement and construction.

By leveraging our relationships, expertise, and services, the Aambe Corporation can play a vital role in supporting Native American tribes in their efforts to build and maintain infrastructure, housing, and other essential projects, like Energy and our real estate division, Native Villages. 

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