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Aambe Healthcare

The Aambe Corporation aims to provide Primary care, Occupational Health, and distribution of pharma prescriptions to Native American tribes and the communities surrounding them. Additionally, they participate in a 340b program, which allows them to provide discounted prescription medications to eligible patients. Indian Health Services also plays a crucial role in supporting Native American tribes by offering a 638 solution. This allows tribes to directly manage and operate healthcare programs and services to meet the specific needs of their community. Overall, the goal of the Aambe Corporation is to ensure accessible and comprehensive healthcare for Native American tribes and the surrounding population.

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Aambe Health

Aambe Health has the potential to greatly benefit Native American tribes in managing their healthcare needs. Native American communities often face unique challenges when it comes to accessing healthcare services, including limited access to healthcare facilities, long distances to travel for appointments, and language barriers.

Family caregivers play a crucial role in providing care for their loved ones, especially in tribal communities where familial bonds are strong. This platform can empower family caregivers to take an active role in managing their family's healthcare, even if they are physically far away. The ability to track medications, set reminders, and access health data can ensure that medications are taken on time and that health conditions are effectively managed.

Moreover, the platform can facilitate better communication between healthcare providers and patients. Through the platform, doctors and nurses within the Indian Health Service can easily communicate with patients and their family caregivers, providing important updates, answering questions, and addressing concerns. This can lead to more personalized health care.

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Aambe aims to improve communication between the Indian Health Service and all tribal members across the country. It also aims to help the communities around tribal areas. This platform recognizes the challenges faced by caregivers and the impact it has on their personal and professional lives. It states that 4% of caregivers are working on top of caring for a loved one, which is an increase from 61% in 2020. 

Additionally, the platform highlights the financial impact on American businesses due to the need for employees to care for loved ones over the age of 50. It states that American businesses can lose as much as $34 billion each year because of this. This information emphasizes the importance of finding solutions to address the caregiving crisis and the potential benefits that Aambe could offer.

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