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Aambe Finance

The Aambe Corporation is taking the initiative to create an Aambe Bank specifically designed to manage the resources of Native American tribe-owned casinos. These resources include employee 401k and pension funds, as well as the overall management of casino revenues.
Native American tribes currently operate over 320 casinos, with a combined revenue of over $50 billion. However, due to a lack of trust in external financial institutions, the tribes have decided to establish their own bank - the Aambe Bank.

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The primary goal of the Aambe Bank is to provide Native American tribes with a trustworthy and reliable financial institution that will prioritize their interests. The bank will be owned and operated by Native Americans, ensuring that decision-making powers are in the hands of those who understand the specific needs and challenges faced by tribal nations.
One of the key aspects of the Aambe Bank's vision is to offer creative investment strategies that reinvest profits back into the tribal nations. This means that funds generated from the management of casino resources will be strategically and responsibly invested into initiatives aimed at enhancing the overall well-being and prosperity of the tribes.

By establishing the Aambe Bank, Native American tribes aim to regain control over their financial resources and actively contribute to the economic development and empowerment of their communities.

Ron has created a plan that incorporated all tribes with a communication platform to help ensure stability with the Tribe.   He incorporated this platform into his Tribes Economic Development Corporation and has proven success and minimizes miscommunication within the Tribe. 

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