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The Aambe Corporation is owned by the Ron Spoerl, President/ CEO located in Jackson, Wisconsin.

Being a federally recognized Tribal member from the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians gives Ron a unique perspective and understanding of the needs and challenges of Native American Tribal Nations. This allows the Aambe Corporation to tailor its products and services to meet the specific requirements of Indian Country. Ron's previous experience as a CEO and recognized leader within Native American Tribal Nations also means that he has established relationships and networks within these communities, which can be leveraged to enhance the success of the Aambe Corporation.

Additionally, the Aambe Corporation has access to worldwide resources, which provides it with a competitive advantage. These resources can be utilized to expand the reach of the corporation and tap into global markets. By combining Ron's expertise, his connections within Indian Country, and the global resources available, the chances of the Aambe Corporation being successful are high.

In summary, the Aambe Corporation has unique competitive advantages that set it apart from other businesses. Ron's work experience and leadership within Native American Tribal Nations, combined with worldwide resources, position the corporation for success within Indian Country and beyond.

Aambe Corporation has a mission: 

To advance Tribal economic development while pursuing health, educational and cultural initiatives, improving both indigenous people and their surrounding communities.

Aambé, which means “Lets go!”  in Ojibwemowin, was established to be an advocation, native empowerment, and education based foundation committed to the growth of Indian Country.  

The Aambe Corporation is committed to creating sustainable economic development opportunities for Tribal Nations and their communities. We are focused on creating jobs, providing access to capital, and developing innovative business models that will help Tribal Nations and their communities become self-sufficient.

Through partnerships with like-minded organizations, the Aambe Corporation aims to provide a range of essential services to Native American tribal nations. These services include energy solutions, healthcare services, clean water initiatives, insurance options, building trades support, and financial assistance. 

The ultimate goal of the Aambe Corporation is to empower Native American tribal nations and their communities by addressing their specific needs and challenges. By providing access to these vital services, the Aambe Corporation aims to improve the quality of life and promote economic development within these communities.

The Aambe Corporation recognizes the importance of respecting and upholding the sovereignty of Native American tribal nations in all their endeavors. They work closely with tribal leaders and community members to ensure that their services are tailored to the unique cultural and social contexts of each nation. 

Overall, the Aambe Corporation serves as a catalyst for positive change and development in Native American tribal nations, creating opportunities for growth, sustainability, and prosperity for all.

The Aambe Corporation believes in the power of collaboration and is seeking individuals who share our vision and goals. We are looking for partners who are entrepreneurial, driven, and have access to resources that can contribute to building a strong foundation for our native American tribes and the communities around them.

One of the key areas of focus for the Aambe Corporation is energy. Many Native American communities lack access to reliable and affordable energy sources. The corporation works with tribal nations to develop sustainable energy solutions, such as solar and wind power, that not only reduce their dependence on fossil fuels but also create job opportunities within the community.

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