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Aambe Corporation has a mission:

To advance Tribal economic development while pursuing health, educational and cultural initiatives, improving both indigenous people and their surrounding communities.

Aambé, which means “Lets go!” in Ojibwemowin, was established to be an advocation, native empowerment, and education based foundation committed to the growth of Indian Country.


Aambe Corporation focuses on developing renewable energy projects such as solar, wind, and hydro power. These projects not only provide clean and sustainable energy sources for Tribal nations but also create job opportunities in the energy sector.


Aambe Corporation collaborates with Tribal nations to establish healthcare facilities and programs. This includes the improvement of existing healthcare infrastructure, provision of medical equipment and supplies, and the recruitment of healthcare professionals to better serve the community.


Aambe Corporation works towards addressing water scarcity and quality issues by implementing water management systems and technologies. This ensures access to clean and safe water for Tribal nations and the neighboring communities.


Aambe Corporation offers financial services and assistance to Tribal nations to support economic development initiatives. This may include funding for business startups, access to loans and grants, and financial planning and management support.

Building Trades:

Aambe Corporation promotes skill development and employment opportunities in the building trades sector. This involves training and apprenticeship programs, construction projects, and infrastructure development in Tribal communities.

Real Estate:

Aambe Corporation facilitates the development of affordable housing and commercial opportunities.  Aambe Corporation has created Native Villages.   A smart city, providing all the resources we are currently providing and leveraging Native American resources like casinos to help get them started.

Aambe Foundation:

The commitment to giving back through the Aambe Foundation is commendable and aligns with the values of community and economic development.

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